Elsa Arias

Elsa Arias

Ms. Arias is an Outreach Coordinator with Assedo Consulting, providing community outreach and linguistic expertise. She is an experienced program coordinator and community educator. Elsa is self-driven and takes pride in providing excellent customer service in any project she undertakes. She has been recognized for her extraordinary commitment, dedication, and contributions throughout her career. As a bilingual community liaison, her goal, in part, is to link Assedo’s clients with Spanish speaking communities, and ensure that these communities are engaged with the client’s community development projects.

Fun Fact: I love adventure and to learn new trades and uncommon topics. I have a bohemian spirit that loves to dance and have fun. As an earth sign, I enjoy nature in all its forms and contribute to making this planet a better place by being creative and repurposing when ever possible.

Education: Master or Arts Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Texas at El Paso – 2019, Bachelor of Arts Linguistic, Minor in Spanish, University of Texas at El Paso –  2013, Associate of Applied Science in Architecture and Construction, Pikes Peak Community College – 2005

Favorite Quote: “Don’t struggle so much, the best things happen when not expected” “No importa que, lo bailado nadie te lo quita.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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