A Fresh Perspective: Assedo’s Premier Intern Blog

I was on board with the Assedo team for almost two months when I wrote this post and by that time had gained an abundance of experience in the realms of Marketing and Communications.. Between writing creative blog posts and drafting content for our social media profiles to help simplify our online presence, my time with Assedo was busy, exciting, and fast-paced. Our team began to slowly transition back into the office, which meant some days I worked from home, and some days I worked from Assedo’s headquarters in West Laurel. Each of these scenarios had a different look and feel to them, so no two days as an intern were alike. So…what do each of these distinct days look like?

First, let’s dive into a day in the life of my job when I worked from home. I started my day by waking up a little later than if I was commuting to Assedo’s HQ. On Monday mornings, I would check in with my supervisor, Kristina. Together, we would map out any pressing assignments and deliverables for the day—these included drafting new blog posts, creating content for our social media channels, or analyzing engagement on our social channels after a large event or significant post. After our meeting, I would draft a post for A Fresh Perspective, Assedo’s intern blog, or an update for our general news and announcement page. I also worked on creating a data collection form to generate a quarterly report for Assedo, detailing some of our new hires, projects, and public outreach activities for the year. In the early afternoon, I would eat lunch with some of my family members that work from home, too. After that, I would start creating content for Assedo’s social media pages using Hootsuite, a social media content management system. We posted information about project and site visit updates, upcoming events, and even highlighted national days honoring interns and social media usage worldwide. Most of my work was self-directed, so I had the chance to put a creative spin on our posts. One of my favorite parts of working from home is that there is no commute at the end of the day!

Now, you might be wondering what a day in the life looks like when I worked from Assedo’s HQ with the team. Sometimes, this seems like a far-off idea. COVID-19 has transformed how employees communicate in different workplaces. Thankfully, I got the chance to meet some of my coworkers face-to-face as we transitioned back to full-time in office work. It took around 30 minutes to drive to the office in the morning, but with traffic, the commute time never felt like a concrete number. Upon arriving at our HQ at 8:30 AM, I would greet the people who had already gotten their day started. From there, my task work was similar tasks, depending on the day. Coworkers often attended meetings or site visits, and everyone certainly kept busy. I would eat lunch alone in the break room in the late afternoon to break up my day.

Toward the end of my time, I spent a lot of time drafting social media content for a planning project in South Baltimore, Reimagine Middle Branch. I prepared engaging copy for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts about new updates and other posts to drive engagement.. I noted that when Kristina and I had in-person meetings, it was a lot easier to bounce creative ideas off each other. Working in-person provided room for conversations between coworkers—something that was lost this past year as the pandemic took the world (and the workforce) by storm.

As a “hybrid intern”, all my days varied in assignment and in environment. By the last weeks, I had become accustomed to the swing of things at Assedo. After each day, no matter if I worked from my home or with the Assedo team face-to-face, I signed off feeling accomplished and looking forward to what new experiences and insights the next day would bring.