The Artist Behind Assedo Consulting’s Graphic Design – Rob Turner

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Have you ever come across a seamless design that impresses you beyond belief? The colors take you by surprise, the font is just right, and the holistic image is something you could envision on a billboard. This is the final product—a design that remains memorable after it catches your eye. But who is behind the process that brings these marketing and branding efforts to life? To gain insight into this thought process and more, I interviewed one of Assedo’s outstanding team members: our Creative Director, Rob Turner. Rob has worked with the Assedo team for 3 years and has brought more than 25 years of design experience to the team. As an experienced and well-versed professional in the design industry, he has a diverse skillset ranging from old-school pen-and-paper elements to today’s ever-changing digital software tools.

Since 1983, Rob has gained masses of experience in the workforce. He kickstarted his graphic design career early by attending a vocational high school in Washington, DC—there, he split his days between general education requirements, vocational school classes, and a position with the district government. His early industry experience is unique, and he maintains that there will always be different paths to choose from on the search for success. The graphic design industry experienced a turning point with the introduction of the Macintosh computer—as Rob says, he prefers Macintosh, not Mac—in 1998, and when Microsoft’s PC shortly followed.

Flashing forward to 2021, the design industry is now more fluid and flexible than ever before, making it one of the favorite parts of his job. In the past, “you needed a huge room around the size of Assedo’s headquarters to do the exact same job that you do now on a laptop,” says Rob. He has successfully collaborated with several clients that he has never even met face-to-face! Online design software such as Adobe Creative Suite—which dominates the industry today—has allowed graphic designers to excel in generating effective digital and print materials. “You wouldn’t be able to be a graphic designer working from home 30 years ago,” he says, discussing that if the COVID-19 pandemic had hit at the beginning of his career, the industry would look wildly different than it did the past year and a half. Rob has worked amid computer shutdowns and outages, though, all thanks to his accumulated experience that transcends the digital design world.

In recent years, Rob has worked on graphics and collateral for a multitude of clients, although one past project stands out. He created a large, full-color map of a South Baltimore neighborhood as part of an electric reliability project that currently hangs proudly in Assedo’s headquarters. An early version of the map was indigestible for community members and local businesses, so Rob did what he does best and aimed to make the map easily understandable for the project’s stakeholders. When Assedo hosted an open house with the newly redesigned map, he received a greatly appreciated outpouring of positive feedback.

Graphic designers around the world have served as “unsung heroes” for decades, Rob says. The ability to communicate a message through a meaningful work of art is not something that should be taken for granted. At Assedo, delivering dynamic graphics and logos for our clients is a priority, no matter how simple or complex a message may be. Rob Turner’s multidimensional approach allows both his technical and creative talents to shine through, and we could not be prouder to highlight him this month.

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