Integrating a Successful Social Media Strategy: Business vs. Personal

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Coming to work for Assedo Consulting was a big transition for me because most of my earlier internship and job experience revolved around the sports industry. While my jobs have all focused on communications, public relations, or marketing, I have enjoyed learning about the differences in communications strategies from industry to industry.

Many people do not realize how different it is to communicate on behalf of a sports organization versus a consulting firm. From language, to message strategy and content,navigating and instituting effective strategies takes time. When writing for sports a lot of the social media copy has much simpler language and more clear-cut messages, like who just made the winning basket. When it comes to Assedo and writing social media copy for a consulting firm, I have had decipher and translate the language used in this industry because there are manyterms of art that I had never heard before coming to Assedo Consulting. Learning how to make Assedo’s complex, and sometimes technical, messages understandable for the public is part of my job here along with communicating key information.

Another thing that I have learned is that social media messaging is very different in personal and professional environments. For example, the goal of my personal Twitter page is to be entertained and voice my opinion from time to time. Personal social media is much more unfiltered and people who visit my page can get an idea of what I am interested in, but my page’s goal is not necessarily to engage a broad spectrum of viewers.

When I am posting social content on behalf of an organization like Assedo, I must make sure I am effectively infusing the company’s brand voice throughout the social content, while keeping the audience engaged. This means I have had to develop and incorporate a more comprehensive social media strategy, planning posts sometimes a month in advance. It helps to use social media content calendars that allow me to plan and batch schedule social media posts.Despite the differences between personal marketing and marketing for a consulting business, one thing stays the same – understanding the distinction and advantages of each social media platform has helped me to more effectively use social media to communicate for the benefit of an organization.

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