From In Person to Online

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There are a lot of changes going on in the world right now and they are really impacting how people work. Companies have shifted from working in offices to working remotely, to keep employees safe and help flatten the Coronavirus curve. With the Assedo team shifting to telework, my internship has moved completely online as well. At times of unexpected change, adaptability is a very important characteristic to have. I am adjusting to moving back home, since sadly, my semester at school has come to a close. Working from home means I now have a new set of distractions. I admit, there is a push and pull between wanting to work from the comfort of my bed, which I have missed for months, or working from the island in my kitchen, not as comfortable as my bed, but where I know I am probably able to be more productive.

To me an internship is about getting comfortable with the professional environment and learning new skills. I was just getting comfortable at the Assedo office and being abruptly pulled away due to the Coronavirus is difficult, but it is providing another type of lesson for me. As I finish my first day of work from home, I am realizing that the biggest adjustment is relying even more on electronic communication. We are using Microsoft Teams to stay connected and to communicate on project assignments.  I am learning how to effectively communicate in a 100% remote work world.  I have also strategized on appropriate brand messaging during a world-wide crisis event.  There are lots of lessons learned but I am excited to be here. So excited, that sometimes the boundaries between work and home slip. Where before I usually only checked email on the days that I worked, now I find myself checking in more often, even on my days off. I want to be available in case anyone needs something from me quickly. Even though I am not in person with the team anymore, I am going to be sure to make the best of my internship and do all that I can to continue to benefit Assedo.

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